flere frø/more seeds

Et-eller-andet gik helt galt med formatteringen her – det undskylder jeg lige! :

Something went completely wrong with the formatting of this post – sorry about that! :


Nå men, I ved godt det der jeg skrev tidligere med at jeg jo ikke skulle bestille så meget fra frøkatalogerne i år, ikke?


Sådan gik det jo ikke helt. At bestille frø er at drømme og håbe – og så er det endda ikke voldsomt mange penge man får brugt, så det er vel okay…

Her er hvad jeg har bestilt:




Lavatera trimestris ‘Silver Cup’ 

Lavatera trimestris  Blanding

Morgenfrue: Calendula officinalis ‘Pacific Beauty’ 


Lathyrus odoratus ‘America’ 

Lathyrus odoratus ‘Mammoth’ 

Lathyrus odoratus ‘Royal’ 


Zinnia elegans ‘Old Scabiosa’ (billede 1)

Zinnia elegans ‘Landreths Royal Purple’

Til køkkenhaven:

Agurk: Cucumis sativus L. ‘Beit Alpha’ den er til friland

Nigellafrø/ Nigella sativa
Radise – ‘Sparkler’ 
Bataviasalat \’Maravilla di Verano\
Salat – ‘Little gem’  
Ært – ‘Hurst green shaft’
Gulerod – ‘Nantes 2’ .
Courgette, ‘Rondo di Nice’
Græskar- Hokkaido/uchiki Kuri
Hestebønner- blandede sorter

Stauder og georginer:

Campanula cervicaria  Skovklokke

Fritillaria meleagris  Vibeæg


Phlox paniculata ‘New Hybrids’ Høstfloks blandning  

Dahlia hortensis ‘Decorative Giants’

Dahlia hortensis ‘Pompon Lilliput’

Jeg har bestilt fra Impecta og Fuglebjerggarrd – og jeg glæder mig til at det hele kommer – Nøj hvor skal jeg lege i år!

Hvad har du bestilt – eller planlægger at bestille?

You know the post where I said that I wasn’t going to order more than one or two seed packets this year?


It didn’t quite work that way… But I think it’s okay. Ordering seeds is dreaming and hoping – and it’s very few money to pay for that.

I’ve ordered:

Annuals (I don’t know the English names of all of these – if you do, let me know!):

Lavatera trimestris ‘Silver Cup’ 
Lavatera trimestris  Blanding
Calendula officinalis ‘Pacific Beauty’ 

Sweet Peas: Lathyrus odoratus ‘America’ 
Sweet Peas: Lathyrus odoratus ‘Mammoth’ 
Sweet Peas: Lathyrus odoratus ‘Royal’ 

Zinnia elegans ‘Old Scabiosa’ (On the first picture)

Zinnia elegans ‘Landreths Royal Purple’

For my vegetable garden:

Cucumber Cucumis sativus L. ‘Beit Alpha’ for growing outside

Nigella/ Nigella sativa
Radish – ‘Sparkler’ 
Lettuce \’Maravilla di Verano\
Lettuce – ‘Little gem’  
Peas – ‘Hurst green shaft’
Carrots – ‘Nantes 2’ .
Courgette, ‘Rondo di Nice’
Pumpkin- Hokkaido/uchiki Kuri
And some kind of beans I don’t know the english name for.


Campanula cervicaria 

Fritillaria meleagris (On the second picture)

Phlox paniculata ‘New Hybrids’

 Dahlia hortensis ‘Decorative Giants’

Dahlia hortensis ‘Pompon Lilliput’

I ordered from Impecta and Fuglebjerggarrd– and can’t wait to recieve the seeds and having garden fun this year!

What have you ordered/are you planning to order?

7 responses to “flere frø/more seeds

  1. Hi there,
    I got a lot of seeds from you for dyeing plants, so I will grow some of those plus I do plan to have a little vegetable garden, so I think I might get some salat, some pumpkin and herbs. No tomatoes though, last year discouraged me heavyly

  2. Have enjoyed browsing your blog…are you in Norway or Sweden? My ancestors came from Norway.
    Nice selection of seeds you are ordering…may they grow well for you!

  3. Hmmm…I have to plant the three little live pine trees I bought for Christmas and some lavender and probably some lemon cucumbers and lotus maculatus – my favorite flower. This year I think I’ll plant a medicinal herbal garden of some sort. Also my friend JoAnn came over the other day and gave me a standing wind chime with a cat with wings as a memorial for Caspian, so I’ll have to put that in the garden, too…

  4. @ Connie… neither 🙂 I’m in Denmark.. And thank you!

    @ Annika.. What are lemon cucumbers? It’s a good idea with the medical garden – I’m going to have some chamomile in my herb garden.

    @Tini.. I will sow some tini-tomato-seeds, and you can have one of the plants and try again..

  5. Maria – they are small round cucumbers that are yellow colored and have a slightly lemony taste to them. I’ll send you some seeds if you like (and I can find them!) They are soooo easy to grow!

  6. Good luck with the garden Maria. If I had your garden I would probably spend as much…
    Herbs are always a good choise
    I never heard of the lemon cucumber either

  7. Okay – I am going to send you some lemon cucumber seeds in the mail, and I’ll send some to Karin too… can you send me your *New* address?

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