Wadder (det’ en ommer)

Min skjortekjole er hermed erklæret en Wadder. D.v.s en fejltagelse. Kan ikke reddes-gider den ikke mere-giver op-smider den i papirkurven!

shirt dress wadder!

shirt dress wadder!

Aaaah! Det lettede. Nu går jeg i gang med ONION 2017 i stedet!


My knit shirt dress is now oficially a Wadder. It was a mistake- Can’t save it, won’t bother, I quit, and thrhow it in the bin!

AaaahI feel so much better now. Tomorrow I’m going tostartworking on ONION 2017  in stead!

2 responses to “Wadder (det’ en ommer)

  1. What a shame, can you make it a top?

  2. Fantastic! Good for you! Get rid of the silly thing – it was clogging up your brain with worry and remorse. It’s only fabric – you know you can get lots more of that! Good riddance!

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