Strikket: Pulsvarmer


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Jeg blev faktisk færdig med de her i starten af december.
De er lavet af rester af Rasmus-garnet (hvoraf noget blev til Woodland tørklædet) som jeg fik sidste år til jul.
Jeg var startet på nogle sidste år,men blev aldrig færdig, så jeg besluttede mig for at starte forfra med nogle jeg kunne strikke på strømpepinde. Det blev så de her. 17 masker rundt på pinde 5 mm, udtagning til kile, og til sidst en hæklet picot-kant rundt. De er ret lækre og bløde!

Leftover yarn from the gift my son gave me for christmas last year. I think he gave me 4 skeins and I made a lace scarf then. I also cast on for wrist warmers then, following a pattern from a book, but never got far. Also that pattern had a side seam, so I decided to make my own.
I did a swatch, then counted stitches per cm. From reading several patterns I figured out I needed 17 cm around. Simple math. Made a small vedge in the middle for the thumb.
Edged with crocheted picot edge in another mohair.


Magic Loop

Jeg har i noget tid tænkt at det kunne være smart at prøve at strikke sokker med Magic Loop metoden, hvor man bruger en rundpind i stedet for strømpepinde. Især når jeg har mit strikketøj med mig, er det lidt en gambling at holde styr på at pindene ikke forsvinder (åh, min dejlige rosentræspind, som forssvandt i en idrætshal i Kalundborg – nu er der kun 4 i sættet :-(). Tini prøvede atlære mig det, da hun var her i juli, men jeg har selvfølgelig glemt alt hvad hun viste mig.

Så -nu tog jeg mig sammen og googlede og fandt denne dejlige instruktionsvideo (lad være med at tænk på at hun holder mærkeligt på garnet.. de er skøre de amerikanere, som min mor altid sagde da jeg var barn..):


For some time now, I’ve been wanting to try knitting socks using the Magic Loop method (especially since I lost one of my very nice rose wood DPN’s, having brought my knitting to a work meeting), but I haven’t quite been able to figure out how.. Tini did show me in July, when she was here, but it wouldn’t stick to my brain.

But I found these instructions on YouTube – and now I know how to. (I just ignore that I don’t get why she’s handling the yarn like that – I forget the name of the different knitting styles, but this is the total opposite of how I knit 🙂

Something for a rainy day…

Prøv at hør! Hvis du bliver trist – så kig lidt på hende her – det kan næsten ikke undgås at man bliver i godt humør igen:


Really! If you are feeling down, have a look at this one – you will most def (Hi Carmen!) feel much better! 

Too much candy from Capucha on Vimeo.

Sewing again: ONION 2026 – tunic

Trying to post via Flickr

I have been sewing again! Among other stuff (not garments for me!) I’ve made this ONION 2026.

Oh, and before we move on, I want to tell you, that I have created a Facebook group about ONION sewing patterns.. You can find it here (Facebook link).

Here is the review (also published on

I finished this tunic in the beginning of October (was my September/October garment), but never got around to take any pictures – and the light just gets worse every day.
Finally the other day I was home early-ish and was able to take pictures… but they didn’t turn out great, I’m afraid.

Here are some more (at Flickr):
2026 pictures

Black is really not my colour, but I like this tunic anyway.. It has the tunic look (although it might be difficult to tell from the pictures) with the gathers over the bust and all, but doesn’t make me look like I’m 8 months pregnant!
I didn’t have enough of this mystery jersey, so I shortened the tunic/dress by 15 cm and left out the sleeve hem edges.

Pattern Description:
Pattern is for a raglan tunic or dress made in knit fabric (but you can use woven fabric for the hem and neckline edges). It has gathers under the neckline edge, and back darts.

Pattern Sizing:
It’s a multisize pattern that you trace in your size. It comes in XS (bust 84 cm = 33″) to XL (bust 108cm = 43″).
I made shoulders and neckline size XS and the side seams and darts size S.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
I think it looks like the pattern drawing. I made it with out the belt and I didn’t have enough of the fabric, so I shortened the tunic/dress by 15 cm and left out the sleeve hem edges.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Yes I think they were, all though I didn’t follow them completely. Because I hate waiting for seams to cool after pressing, I like to construct garments, so I have something to pin and sew while I wait. In this case, I sewed the slleves to the front, then the back darts, then the sleeves to the back and the side seams, before I attached the neckline edge.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I like the style and the shape, and the possibility to play with woven fabric for the edges, allthough I didn’t do that this time.

Fabric Used:
I used a mystery jersey that I also used for my strap top with twisted yoke.

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:
Except the shortening of the dress and sleeves, due to fabric shortage, none…

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Yes I would and will. I have already worn it a lot, and I like the relaxed look and fit, and to wear it over trousers (even though I am wearing jeans in the photo). So I have another version planned (but not cut yet.. you know how it is – work gets in the way of sewing all the time…)

Wadder (det’ en ommer)

Min skjortekjole er hermed erklæret en Wadder. D.v.s en fejltagelse. Kan ikke reddes-gider den ikke mere-giver op-smider den i papirkurven!

shirt dress wadder!

shirt dress wadder!

Aaaah! Det lettede. Nu går jeg i gang med ONION 2017 i stedet!


My knit shirt dress is now oficially a Wadder. It was a mistake- Can’t save it, won’t bother, I quit, and thrhow it in the bin!

AaaahI feel so much better now. Tomorrow I’m going tostartworking on ONION 2017  in stead!

Gaver mm /presents etc

Jeg havde fødselsdag i søndags og holdt jo også en lille fest og fik gaver og alt muligt.

Jeg fik en Austin rose:

Austin rose 'The pilgrim'

Austin rose The Pilgrim

Den er rigtig flot, changerende i gule og creme nuancer. Jeg skal bare lige finde det perfekte sted at lave et creme-gult bed….
Jeg fik også to æbletræer: et Guldborg og et rød Gråsten. Det er godt at de er i store potter, for det kommer til at vare nogettid før vi har fået samlet tropperne til at fælde de træer der nu står hvor de her skal bo.
Gråsten apple tree

Gråsten apple tree

Guldborg apple tree

Guldborg apple tree

Og et figen træ:
fig tree! can'twait

fig tree!


Ingen garn eller noget sy-relateret, men til gengæld fik jeg de komplette afsnit af Degrassi Junior High og Degrassi High… Kan I huske dem? Det bringer virkelig minderne tilbage fra da jeg var ml. 11 og 15 og gerne ville være canadier!

Jeg har ikke fået syet mere på min kjole, men har strikket videre på sjalet og er også startet på FLS… Det er mit første store projekt – som jeg har været lidt nervøs ved at starte på, men nu er jeg jo i gang…



Jeg havde ikke nogle rigtige mærkeringe, så jeg hæklede nogle. De er ikke så kønne som Lindas, men de tjener deres formål!
Ellers arbejder jeg bare rigtig meget i øjeblikket og glæder mig til alle kurserne og møderne er overstået så jeg kan få mere tid til det sjove!
It was my birthday last Sunday, and I had a small party and got gifts and everything..
Mostly plants: An Austin Rose ‘ The Pilgrim’ which is a beautyful light yellow/creme rose. I am currently pondering about where to make a new white/creme/yellow flower bed… I also got two great apple trees (that are in big containers – thank you for that – good thing, since I need to get some peolpe here to cut done some pines that are standing where I want these to be..
And a fig tree, which is very excotic for Denmark. I’m so thrilled about it!
I didn’t get anything knitting or sewing related, but got the complete DVD’s of Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High. Remember those? I spend every Monday afternoon (I think) watching from I was 11 til I was 15 or 16, and I so wanted to be canadian and have such a cool school system. Bonus: My 5th grade English class can understand most of whats going on (The dialect is very clear and the pronounciation is wonderful) so they get an episode a week as a reward when they work hard… (Little do they know that I am having fun too 🙂
I haven’t finished my dress yet, but I have been knitting on the shawl and also cast on the FLS. It’s my first large knitting project, and now I’ve begun – even though I was very much doubting if I could do it… We’ll see. I didn’t have any stitch markers, so I crocheted some. They don’t look as good as  Linda’s do, but they work just fine.
Other than that I’m working and studying and just waiting for this course class/meeting season to be over (about a month from now) so I’ll have more spare time! 

Me in Threads Magazine!!!!?

I just found out that an article about sewing in Copenhagen (which includes (I assume) a mentioning of me and Jette (the designer of ONION patterns)) will be in the next issue of Threads magazine.

One year ago (precisely) we met up with the writer and talked about sewing and the patterns and the shop. Wonder why it took so long – they must really have a long production time.

After the interview I spend a great afternoon with the writer, her friend and their husbands walking around and having coffee and just talking. 

I can’t wait for the magazine to hit the mailbox!

Strikning og syning i mellemtiden / Knitting and Sewing since the last post

Hej igen..

Hold da maagle hvor tiden går hurtigt… Det er nok det der med fuldtidsarbejdet, shoppen, hobbyerne og så at jeg lige også synes jeg skal uddanne mig mere…

vary small and soft alpaca baby socks

very small and soft alpaca baby socks

Men jeg har faktisk fået lavet en del på sy/strikke området. Jeg har lavet en aftale med en veninde om at vi mødes hver anden tirsdag aften og syr. Eller hun syr og jeg hjælper, for hun har ikke prøvet at sy tøj til sig selv før. Sidste tirsdag tegnede vi et t-shirt mønster af til hende, syede en hurtig prøve-opsyning og fik tilrettet indsnittene. Jeg blev helt inspireret og gik bagefter i gang med at tegne denne her skjorte kjole af. I week-end’en strøg jeg stof (petrol viscose jersey), klippede ud og gik i gang med at sy – med alle intentioner om at nå så langt som til knaphullerne… Nå men når mennesker lægger planer griner guderne og ikke en, men hele to gange lavede jeg åndsvage syfejl (heldigvis stadigvæk til at redde) – og måtte pille overlocksømme op… hmmm. Så selv om det er mit August Garment, når jeg nok ikke at blive færdig.

Torsdag i sidste uge (det er så en uge siden :-)) var jeg til strikkecafe og lavede babysokkerne færdige. Jeg har et stort nøgle brun mohair, som jeg har fundet på et loppemarked engang. Og jeg ville så gerne lave et sjal i hulmønster igen. Så efter at have prøvet lidt frem og tilbage, kunne jeg endelig slå op til et “Bundter af Blade” tørklæde. Det har jeg gjort, og jeg synes jeg er kommet ret langt:


You can't really see the leaf pattern. But it's there!

I aften kan det ske at jeg skal af sted igen – det er ret hyggeligt! Hvis du færdes i Holbæk området og har lyst til at deltage, må du endelig sige til!

P.s. Jeg har stadig en have, og er stadig glad for den… der sker bare ikke så meget nyt i deni øjeblikket..


How time flies by! It must be the full time job, the shop, the hobbies and the urge to take more college classes that makes it go so fast…

But I have actually done some sewing and knitting lately! A friend of mine and I have agreed  to meet up every other Tuesday and sew. She is plus sized and have never sewn clothes for herself before, so I’m pushing her into it and we are having fun! Last Tuesday we traced a t-shirt pattern for her, made the muslin and adjusted the darts. That got me inspired to trace and cut (in a petrol (muted teal) jersey) this shirt dress. I even got to sewing some in the week-end too. But I had planned to get as far as the button holes and didn’t get there at all. Best laid plans and all that.. I made two(!!) big sewing mistakes – using the serger no less. Thankfully I was able to salvage it, but still… it wont be ready in time – It is my August Garment and I have no time to sew this week-end….

Last Thursday (a week ago) I went to a local SnB and had so much fun. I finished the baby socks and cast on a lace shawl made in some mohair I got at an garage sale once.. I have 120 g… I think I’ve come far with this one. It’s a fun leaf pattern called “Bundter af blade” (heaps of leaves)…

That’s it.. I might go to the SnB tonightif I can get away 🙂

P.S. I still have and love my garden and spend a lot of time out side… I just don’t have anything new to tell recently…

Efter ferien.. /After the holidays

Ja, så er man tilbage på pinden igen.. efter 10 dejlige dage på Langeland, 7 knap så dejlige dage m forkølelse og hoste, og 4 dage på arbejdet…

Langelandsfestivalen var en rigtig god oplevelse – sikkert også fordi det var så vidunderligt vejr – det var hyggeligt og jeg slappede fuldstændig af. Jeg havde jo pakket en masse garn og fik da også startet på nogle projekter… alle til fødder.

Baby-støvlerne (som stadig mangler stroppen) er One Hour Baby Boots fra Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation. Endnu en bog, min mand havde med hjem fra USA, men den kan altså også fås på Amazon. Støvlerne er virkelig hurtige at lave i tykt garn på pinde 5… De er sjove fordi der er en masse ud og indtagninger, og man skal være lidt vågen. Og så elsker jeg at strikke med tykt garn, så jeg kan se at der sker noget.

Små baby-sokker i alpalka er strikket i spiral (3r, rv i 6 omg, så rykker man ribben en maske) og er virkelig søde og små og bløde, men ikke så sjove at lave som støvlerne…

De store tykke sokker er til mig selv og går virkelig stærkt. Det på pindene er lavet på ca 1½ times køretur… Men det er lidt kedeligt sådan at strikke, de er for nemme 🙂

Har du nogle forslag til garn og opskrifter med tykt garn og store pinde, der har lidt sjov i sig, og som kan være til mig selv?

Her er lige lidt billeder.. Det sidste billede viser nogle af de giraffer jeg broderede. Det er en reol til at knappe på campingvognen. Smart.

Well, back at the computer again.. after 10 days of wonderful vacation ( we had the best weather! except for the last day, when I got wet and cold), 7 days of having a cold and coughing and 4 days of work.

The musicfestival was great fun. I relaxed, swam in the ocean, drank a little too much vodka and yes, did knit a little…. I had packed all this yarn, but really all I did was project for feet… hmmm.

The baby boots (still needing buttons and straps) are the One HOur baby boots from Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation, which was one of the books my husband brought me from US… They are really fast and fun to do with chunky yarn and 5 mm needles and a lot of increases and decreases. I love knitting with thick yarn and needles… Do you have any ideas for patterns on the web that are fun to make, for me and made in thick yarn? Please let me know.

The small and oh so soft baby socks are just spiral tubes made in ribbing that shifts every six round.

Then tere are some very warm socks for me… what you see on the needles is what I did during the car ride of 1½ hour… Fast, but boring… 

The final picture shows some of the giraffe sewing I made before I left – it’s pockets that you button  to the caravan…Clever. (And it’ll take some time before I sew giraffes again!)

giraffer og andre dyr / giraffes and other animals


Giraftaskerne er endelig færdige. Jeg har broderet og sammen med veninde syet 45 små tasker:

45 Giraffe bags. Done!

45 Giraffe bags. Done!

Det varer noget tid inden jeg skal brodere giraffer igen (håber jeg). 

Knirke hyggede sig. Hun lå nærmest og krammede symaskinen (hun kan vel godt li at den spinder:-)) i stort set alle de 10 timer jeg brugte den anden dag.

Knirke hugging the sewing machine

Knirke hugging the sewing machine

ANdre dyr:

Vi bor jo på landet nu og her er et ret varieret dyreliv, som vi ikke så noget til da vi boede 2 km væk. Vi har dådyr, frøer, tudser, harer og altså… en flagermus? Jeg synes det er ret sjovt, men resten af familien synes det er klamt….

I think it's a bat..

I think it's a bat..

Lige nu er jeg ved at gøre klar til at vi skal på Langelandsfestivalen. Jeg er ved at sy nogle crew t-shirts ind (de findes kun i Large, og så drukner jeg altså!) og slapper bare af.

Jeg er også ved at finde strikketøj frem til at tage med. Jeg skal være væk i 10 dage, og kan jo ikke sy, så vil gerne have nok projekter med. Jeg tager selvfølgelig baby-sokkerne med, og vil også lave et par sokker mere til mig selv. Så overvejer jeg en babytrøje, som jeg har købt garn til. Og så er der en opskrift i The happy hooker på et lille hæklet dyr som jeg vil lave i noget af al det bomuldsgarn jeg har liggende…

Ellers nogle gode idéer til små projekter?


I’m finally done with embroidering – and sewing – 45 giraffe bags. I hope it’s going to be a while before I’m embroidering that many of the same motife again.

Knirke had a great time the 10 hours the embroidery-machine was running saturday (finishing up). With small trips to the litterbox and the food bowl she spend the entire day hugging the sewing machine. It must be the vibrations reminding her of purring…

Other animals:

Now we live in the countryside (2 km from our old house) we are experiencing an assorted wild life. We see deers, toats, frogs, hares, lizards, salamanders and…. bats? I think it’s kind of interesting. But the rest of the family are not amused!

I’m sewing a bit.. resizing crew t-shirts for the Langeland festival. They only come in Large, and I just disappear if I wear that. So I’m resizing and changing the neckline and just relaxing listening to podcasts.

I’m also beginning to pack for our trip, and also need some knitting projects. We are going for 10 days, so I need more than just the baby socks. I’m thinking of making another pair of warm socks for me. And also there’s a baby sweater I want to make. ANd there are some fun projects in The happy hooker  such as small stuffed animals that I could make with all the cotton I have in my yarn stash…

Do you have any other suggestions for small projects I could make?