my garden

My new garden (which is over 120 years old) is an oblang piece of land of 1980 m2, going from the road and to the fields. It’s quite big but mostly consists of a lot of old and tall birch and mable trees + a lot of way too long grass. 

In my mind – and in reality, I guess – the garden is divided in 4 areas:

1. The driveway and the front of the house. There is a meter or two from the road to the house, which now mostly have evergreen bushes and then there is a piece of land a long the driveway which now is grass and birch trees. My dream is that this piece one day will have fruit trees, apples and cherries. In the spring a ot of spring bulbs blooming, and a lot of calendula in the autumn. I think it would be nice with some cover roses in front of the house. 

The driveway in January and August:



nyt hus

2. The south garden is the part of the garden that is closest to the house and the former stables. This piece goes from the wooden fence by the road to the end of the stables. It is the part of the garden that is closest to the house, so I think this is where we are going to spend most time. Here is the first big project: To fence in the garden so that the cats can go outside with out being hit by cars or eaten by dogs. There is of course the posibillitie to only fence in a smaller part, but I would prefer to fence in the entire South Garden – and do it right from the beginning. We have to do something about that soon… And after the fencing in, I think this is going to be herb garden – and also where I will plant roses..

The South Garden in January. The old stable is on the left. Behind the glass door is the kitchen:


3. The garden inbetween 🙂 This piece is the largest part of the garden and goes from teh end of the stable to the bonfire place in the “wood”. I don’t have a proper name for it yet – rooms and gardens name themselfes like cats do – you have to wait for the logical name to appear, there is no rushing it. It’s a very hilly piece of land. This is where the rhododendron is. ANd the climbing tree with the tree hut. Here is also a rather large raspberry bed. I think my vegetable arden is going to find it’s place here somewhere, but I’m not sure where – I have to watch for the most sunny spot, and I also need to consider that there must be room left for setting up tents and playing ball…. 

As seen from the bon-fire-place (is there a proper name for that?) in August:


4. The “wood”. Here is a forest mood. A lot of trees.  There is a “cable-ball” for the kids to ride on. A wooden deck with view over the meadow and the fields. A bon-fire-place. I would like to keep the forest mood here – if we end up using the area – here are so many mosquitoes. I would love to plant a lot of forest flowers, but keep the nature look by keeping most of the trees.

The “wood” at the end of the garden. The picture is from September, you can see the “cable-ball” that my bonu-child id playing with. The wooden patio is behind the pine trees:


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